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ICC Express truly is the Best Content Marketing Software, Content Curation Software and Social Curation Tool for Blogs, Facebook News Video Curation and Royalty-Free Image Finder.

Dear Traffic Hungry Marketer,
What Do Sites Like:

BuzzFeed, the Huffington Post, Perez Hilton, Drudge Report, Deadspin, Pinterest, etc.

All have in common?

They cheat. Legally.

That's right...

There is a reason you have been working your butt off only to have others "Stealing" traffic away from you.

There is a reason that you aren't going to be ranking for those "golden keywords" you keep dreaming about any time soon.

There is a reason that you keep spinning in circles trying to find the "perfect" traffic solution for your business...

It's because you don't know the shortcut yet...

The shortcut Google guys DON'T want you to know about...

But before I reveal what that short cut is, let me just PROVE to you that it really works. That I am not just throwing some random theory B.S. at you:

Here Is A Recent Example Where I Put This "Short-Cut" Into Action On My Own Site

some amazing website stats using our techniques

showing some income we received from our online marketing

So, What's The Big Secret?

Now, before I reveal this short-cut you have to promise me something...

You have to promise that you when I reveal this short-cut you don't immediately start saying:

"Well, I heard..."

You should know by now... I don't care about rumors, hype, theory or any other B.S the Gurus tell you... I ONLY care about results...

And if YOU only care about results, then I am more than happy to share this shortcut with you... but if you are more concerned with forum fodder and what the guy down the street said about his website from the early 90's... then you can go ahead and click away. This shortcut won't be of any use to you anyways...

OK. Are you ready?

The secret behind the big curation sites we mentioned above is that they LEGALLY "steal" their content from other sites using content curation marketing and invariably using a powerful content curation software.

And Google LOVES it!

"Curation is (and always has been) BY FAR the easiest and fastest way to fill your site with QUALITY, ENGAGING content that Google loves."

Content curation and content marketing software is the single, most underrated SHORTCUT to having Google shower you with converting traffic that I know of.

And visitors love curating sites, too.

Huffington Post (one of the sites on the list you just read), after being established in 2005, has been sold to AOL in 2011 for 315 million dollars.

Still think curating isn't worth it?

ICC Express Logo

ICC Express Helps You Get More Traffic, Leads, Opt-ins and Sales

ICC Express:

  • Sets Up Your Content Marketing Strategy
  • Organize your keywords by niche/profile
  • Helps You Build the Best Content Curation Sites
  • Helps to Curate Content For Social Media
  • The Best Content Curation Wordpress
  • Build Video Curation Websites with ICC Express
  • Connect with Indexing Services for Fast Google Indexing
  • Great Content Finder For Social Media
  • Helps Bring Better Traffic And Rankings
  • 100% Legal, Legit And White Hat.


You'll start to see your traffic increase just as soon as you start using ICC Express' content collector tool and posting interesting, viral curated content on your blogs and sharing cool videos to your social accounts. Use our 2nd-tier posting tool to instantly turn your newly created content into Facebook curated content which in turn brings even more traffic.

More traffic means more leads, opt-ins and more sales adding to your bottom line. And you can be learning content curation while building traffic-pulling websites.


Certain companies are actively searching for blogs using copyrighted images in order to bully website owners into paying high fees. Never be a victim of this practice - just use ICC Express's royalty-free image search tool to find free images plus you can do instant license research just to be sure you can use the image without repercussions. A real life saver - believe me!


ICC Express also has many hidden treasures and tools - for example: this super fun Meme Editor you can use to create viral Memes from royalty-free images! You'll also find an EXIF editor to impress text into the binaries of your images which is great for Google SEO!

The Only Software In The World With The Ultra-Fast Capability Of Lightning Quick Multi-Media Content Curation Across Multiple Sites... All In One Place!
  • Effortlessly rank for long tail phrases that pin point potential buyers and suck them into your funnel
  • NEVER have to worry about creating original content... and all the headaches that come from THAT process
  • ALWAYS have the hottest, freshest, highest converting stuff on your site... to ensure a loyal fanbase and RAPID growth in a short amount of time
  • Generate TONS of traffic... without spending a DIME!
  • Quickly demonstrate "Authority By Association" which lets you charge MORE for whatever it is you are trying to sell
  • Immediately tap into trending topics for MAX viral exposure
  • And much more...


Watch This Powerful Software Get LEGAL "Backdoor Traffic" Straight From Google...
If You Aren't Following This Simple Traffic Getting Method... Then You Are Doing It ALL Wrong...
Check out what some of our users have to say about ICC Express:

"SEO for hotels is a highly competitive market. I compete every day against the big boys with BIG teams and even BIGGER budgets... my budget is zero. The only way I have been able to consistently be competitive is with ICC Express. This software program has earned me many front page rankings... I have been able to dominate the first page with up to ten of the listings... in some cases for searches based around an event coming to town my hotels have had 100’s of hits, all coming in through a curated post."

"Often, I cannot get a video to rank, either because of the competition, or simply because Google does not put a video on page one for my chosen keyword... no problem, I simply curate my own video to a website blog post using ICC Express and that blog post will make page one! I am not sure what kind of magic Hugh has put into this program but the bottom line is it works!" -- Dana Prieto, January 14th 2015

YES - I'm In!

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I also realize I have nothing left to lose, since you're generous enough to offer me a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Install on 1 Machine
  • Manage up to 10 Blogs
  • 1 Facebook Account
    (no Fan Pages)
  • 1 Twitter Account
  • Complete Video Training
  • Upgrades & Support
ICC Express 2.0 Basic Edition



  • Install on 50 Machines
  • 100 Blogs Per Install
  • 25 Facebook Accounts
    (UNLIMITED Fan Pages)
  • 25 Twitter Accounts
  • Complete Video Training
  • Upgrades & Support
ICC Express 2.0 Developer Edition



  • 25 Machine Installs
  • 50 Blogs per Install
  • 10 Facebook Accounts
    (UNLIMITED Fan Pages)
  • 10 Twitter Accounts
  • Complete Video Training
  • Upgrades & Support
ICC Express 2.0 Professional Edition


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