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"HOW TO Engage On Social Media up to 4x More -- while Driving More Blog Traffic -- with LESS WORK" SPECIAL UPGRADE DEAL JUST $27

Special Launch Week Offer for Existing ICC Express Users Only

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The system is programmed to send you immediate access to ICC Express 3.0 Groups Edition software download upon payment. All you have to do is install it over your existing version 2 and you're all set!

If you need to purchase a license, please go here.

Here are the major upgrades you will receive:


    ICC Express 3.0 is fully refactored with the REST API when it comes to your WordPress blogs – no more XMLRPC problems. Also in the training I’ll teach you how to secure your websites with Wordfence and Application passwords so you can lock down your blog from outside hacking.

  • Binary Image Data Handling

    ICC Express 3.0 has been totally refactored in how it handles images – previous versions sometimes just posted a link to an image online.

    Now, ICC Express 3.0 downloads or uploads all images into memory so they can be posted directly as binaries to Facebook Groups and Pages photo feeds. It also works the same way for Twitter and WordPress media library.

    This works the same way in the software whether you are grabbing images from Pixabay or Wiki Commons or getting it from the Meme Editor or uploading from your computer or phone.

  • Curate Directly from Google Search Results

    Thought you couldn’t do that, eh? Well I’ve figured out a sneaky but legal way to do it, and I’ll teach you all about it. It’s fantastic for building out curated content on all kinds of topics easily.

  • New Layout & More Upgrades to Come (included)

    ICC Express 3.0 has a new layout with enhanced navigation and is a lot more user friendly than previous versions. With the new technology we’re implementing, the sky is the limit for expansion of this version which I will be working on for some time to come

  • And Much More...


ICC Express 3.0 Groups Edition Upgrade for Existing Users
If you're like me, you know that the more content you post, the more your business grows.
And the more eyes you get on your content, the more money you'll end up making on the bottom line.
And when those eyes hit your posts, they'd better be fresh and interesting or you could lose that audience.
That can mean you are doing a LOT of posting or paying for it somehow - or you're just not posting.
The whole game is to keep your audience engaged with "Eye Candy" or "Brain Candy" that keeps them coming back for more - and clicking on your links!
If you've ever tried to consistently keep an audience engaged without using any tools, I'm sure you did just fine...
until you realized you'd have to spend hours every day to keep up with ALL those people online (your potential customers)
And that's just for one business, following or client account --
If you've ever tried to engage more than one following at a time, you soon realized that the amount of work needed to engage and fascinate your followings expands exponentially for each group, following or page you want to monetize.
You really need some kind of  tool to help find and put exciting, trending content in front of your followers or blog visitors.
Fortunately, there's a solution:

Introducing ICC Express 3.0 Groups Edition Content Creation and Curation Software

ICC Express 3.0 Groups Edition
Get Instant Access

Create Easy Blog and Social Media Content and Post Instantly (or on schedule*).

  • No more Brain Block on what to post to your blogs or social media.
  • No more Paying for Photos and Images - or Worrying about copyright lawsuits.
  • No more running out of ideas on how to engage your Facebook Groups.

* Blog posts and Facebook Page posts can be scheduled

Quickly create interesting, trending content based on videos, images and news.

ICC Express 3.0 Groups Edition Crushes the Competition

ICC Express 3.0 Demonstration - Click to Play Video

Although ICC Express 3.0 Groups Edition isn't the only Content Creation and Curation Software on the market, it's the best.
Because my Content Creation and Curation Software offers Works with Twitter & Facebook's fully "kosher" APIs to post in your Feeds, Groups and Pages and fully REST compliant for secure WordPress connections (no more XMLRPC!).
My competitors' curation plugins or tools don't offer all of the features and benefits that you get from ICC Express 3.0. Approved APIs, REST for WordPress, manage EXIF data with access to millions of royalty-free images and the ability to research anything before posting it.
However, if you want a never-ending flow of trending, eye-candy-licious content to your sites and social medai accounts resulting in massive engagement and traffic and ultimately opt-ins and sales, you need to do more than just installing an auto-posting plugin that grabs stuff from an RSS feed -- you need ICC Express 3.0 Groups Edition.

Engage and Capture Your Online Audience Quickly and Easily

My software helps you easily create content from news feeds, photo search apis, video search apis; it comes with a built in easy Meme creator and EXIF image text data management system; Posts to WordPress, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, and Twitter Feeds
All for less than the cost of something like Grouptrack CRM which is a monthly subscription
I know what you're probably thinking right now.
Sure, it sounds great, but how do I know this software will easily work for me to produce lots of great content quickly?

ICC Express lets you get access to the best new trending news, videos and royalty free images to capture your viewer's interest immediately

To understand what makes ICC Express 3.0 Groups Edition such a a powerful piece of software, let me tell you about all the blood, sweat and tears that went into creating and developing this amazing tool to the level it's at today.

Hugh the creator of ICC Express
"Hugh" the creator of ICC Express

My name is Hugh and I started online doing some stuff with music and programming.

I was selling music services online and I accidentally discovered that by posting my clients' videos online on my websites, I could get a lot more traffic -- which resulted in more opt-ins and sales.

After that, I learned that "curation" is a thing, and being both a creator and a software programmer I set out to create a software that would help me with my own curation goals - and ICC Pro was born in 2012. It was based on WordPress XMLRPC and Google Alerts Feeds, both of which were very usable and accessible in those days.

I wrote ICC Pro in Javascript but the concept became obsolete when Google Alerts Feeds were taken offline (they have since been put back online, but with programming restrictions). So I was driven to create ICC Express 1.0 in 2013 to replace ICC Pro.

ICC Express was written in Actionscript and Adobe Air. Recently, Adobe Air has been taken over by Samsung who have pledged to continue to support Adobe Air into the foreseeable future.

Over the years we've seen Google Alerts Feeds come and go, Google turn off their Keyword tool, the rise of Facebook Groups and all kinds of changes in the online sphere. During all this time, I have continually supported, updated, modified and added to ICC Express. In 2015 as a special launch gesture I upgraded all existing users from version 1.0 to 2.0 at no charge.

Now after six years of hard work adding new features and functions and updating and enhancing the existing functions, we are offering this launch special one time offer for ICC Express 3.0 Groups Edition which has been completely refactored with a whole new set of features for 2021!

Get Instant Access

Create "Eye Candy" Content with Just a Few Clicks!

ICC Express 3.0 Groups Edition is super easy-to-use.

  • even if you post on your social media a LOT
  • even if you're the kind of person who gets tired of writing content
  • even if you know nothing about building and engaging a following or readership

You can create social media post with just a few steps:

  • Choose an image, video or news item

  • Add your own text & hashtags

  • Now you can sit back and watch each selected post and click the link provided to see the post in real time.

The FASTEST Way to Increase Traffic to your Blog and Get More Eyes on your Social Media

Most people limit themselves by believing that good results take a long time.
While it can work that way, it doesn't have to.
Not when you've got in your corner, the hidden secret of the world's most powerful content creation tool.
Think about it.
By working with easy content curation in our software, you could see an immediate increase in traffic and engagement.
Not in 6 months. Not in 1 year. Not in 2 years.
In just a few minutes per day with ICC Express 3.0 Groups Edition.
Get Instant Access

Imagine What It Would Be Like To...

  • Spend just minutes a day creating great social media and blog content rather than hours on just one blog post.
  • Get Beautiful Royalty Free Images any time you need them!
  • Easily and pro-actively drive traffic from your social media to your blogs.
  • Make your social media followers jump through hoops with your own calls-to action featuring great visuals - memes, videos, images and news!
  • See your group members and sales start to take off...
  • Get tons of likes on your Facebook Pages and Twitter Feeds!
  • With ICC Express 3.0 Groups Edition helps make all these goals possible easily

How Do I Know ICC Express 3.0 Groups Edition Works?

I'm not just the creator of ICC Express 3.0, I also use it all the time! In fact, if I want to make some money quickly I can post my own products or affiliate offers directly to my Facebook groups with the Meme editor or even uploading a special image with a link.
When I'm using my awesome ICC Express 3.0 Software, I...
• Get tons more engagement on my social media posts
• Drive traffic up on my blogs
• Double the number of opt-ins
• Grow my social media followers by a factor of 35%
That's why I love ICC Express 3.0 Groups Edition.
Why are you going to love ICC Express 3.0 Groups Edition? It's:
• Overloaded with Easy Tools to Make Content Creation Super-Easy
• Tried and Tested Over Years of Use and Development
• Fully "Kosher" with Facebook and Twitter Approved APIs
• Fully Re-factored to Use REST API and WordPress' New Application Passwords
• Images Post Directly as Binaries to Facebook and Twitter Photo Feeds (not just links) and uploads to WordPress Media Library
But don't just take my word for it. Read what our happy users have to say:

ICC Express 3.0 is the "Swiss Army Knife" of internet tools to revitalize your blogs and take your Facebook Groups to the next level!

Peter W. Peter W.
G Cube Media

I'm using ICC Express and I'm seeing traffic steadily rising -- really can't imagine doing it without.

Matthew S. Matthew S.
Local Search Gold

I'm not sure what kind of magic Hugh has put into ICC Express 3.0, but the bottom line is - it works!

Dana P. Dana P.
Broken Arrow Estates

With ICC Express 3.0 Groups Edition, You'll Get:

Professional Software & Support:
ICC Express 3.0 Adobe Air Software plus updates
Brand new, comprehensive software training in video, pdf and audio formats
• Access to a brand new Wishlist member site
• Membership in an Exclusive Facebook Support Group
24/7 support desk via email and chat
With this software, you'll have the following benefits at your fingertips:
• the power to easily flood your blogs and social media with cool trending content so you can engage your followings and drive traffic to your websites
easily locate, download, upload, and mark up and meme millions of royalty free eye-candy level photos and images
• Easy EXIF data management (text inside the images)
• 🆕 All Images treated as binaries (not just links) for direct upload to photo feed or media library
• A full featured blog post editor that lets you create, edit and re-post to blogs -
Image catch-and-grab to the blog's media library with EXIF data 🆕 embedded (good for SEO stuff) with attribution if required
• 🆕 Brand New curation functions let you curate DIRECT from Google search results LEGALLY (I show you how!)
• Easily Post stuff to your social media using approved APIs (Facebook Pages & Groups 🆕 and Twitter Feeds) -- post images, videos, memes and news links
• 🆕 Blog posting fully refactored to use the WordPress REST API - this is important because XMLRPC has been devalued and disabled on a lot of hosting companies for security issues.
• 🆕 The REST API can be used with a special WordPress "application password" to keep your WordPress blogs safe from hackers. Along with the software I provide full training on how to set this up along with Wordfence for maximum lockdown.
• 🆕 Blast any existing or new blog post over your social media to immediately drive traffic and attract followers.
• Super easy Meme Creator - make a meme with just a few clicks. Or search for just the right image and MEME it in our editor!
• 🆕 Save your meme to disk, upload it to your blog and put it in a blog post or put it directly into your Facebook Group's photo feed! (or Twitter or FB Page)
• Easily Access Millions of Videos to post great content on any topic! We integrate with Google's Youtube api search and 3 other video providers for easy curation!
• 🆕 Grab any Close-Captioning Text from a Youtube video (that has some) and create a quick, fully formatted blog post! This is a GREAT function and G loves it!
• Easily choose from trending news stories and create formatted, curated blog content to enhance or fully create your posts
• Some user input required - ICC Express is NOT an automated blog posting plugin, although you can easily use it to schedule quick content posts for automated publishing.
• ICC Express contains an internal "Keyword Matrix" so that only the keywords you need "follow you around" in the software. Simply change profiles to access a whole new set of keywords.
• Manage, import, associate and populate keywords easily in the Matrix programmer.
• Add your own RSS Feeds to your Matrix and also any regular website that you want to be able to curate or share over all the tools in the software.

But that's not all...


If you take advantage of my special launch offer for ICC Express 3.0 Groups Edition, you will receive ALL of the following EXCLUSIVE BONUSES:

1. Facebook Live Mastery




2. Ultimate Passive Income





3. Free Facebook Traffic Strategies



4. Exclusive Live Call with Hugh / Creator of ICC Express

Try ICC Express 3.0 Groups Edition, and you'll also receive, as a special bonus, access to an exclusive live call with me personally where I will provide a live demonstration of all the main and hidden features of ICC Express 3.0 and give you secrets and tips for best results and where I will answer all of your questions in real time.

I will stay live on the call as long as it takes to answer all of your questions and you will receive a recording of the live call afterwards. This is in addition to a full set of pre-recorded video training that comes with the software.

Get Instant Access

ICC Express 3.0 Groups Edition Is an UNBELIEVABLE Bargain!

If you had to pay a software tool that does everything that ICC Express 3.0 Groups Edition does, it would cost at least $50-$60 MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION.
and that's just for the software - that doesn't factor in learning the new tool and setting it up and paying for it all the time you're learning... it could easily be $600 year or more before you even learn how to use the software!
I'm making ICC Express 3.0 Groups Edition available for a fraction of that, and for a one-time price - just for this launch period only.
And you're getting an incredible value:
- Professionaly Maintained Software that's easily worth $600 a year or up to $5,000 over five years
- Pre-recorded video training easily worth $2,000 time with a professional marketing mentor
- Live Call with me plus recordings easily worth $497
That's worth over $7k
But because it's a special launch and I'm trying to get as many customers as possible just for this short launch window, I'm offering it for the low price of a super low $67 one time offer!

Get Your Developer License for ICC Express 3.0 Groups Edition NOW --
Don't Delay!

Now is the time to take advantage of my super low launch pricing. Remember -- it takes time, money and resources to keep a good software product running. This launch will be a loss leader at this low price, so I can't keep ICC Express at launch prices after the launch is over!

My aim is to get you interested in all my other products (I have tons of other cool stuff) so if I can get you as a customer for this low price, maybe you'll see something else you'll like later or even join my monthly subscription service. But let's not worry about that now - just GET ON BOARD TODAY by CLICKING THE BUY BUTTON BELOW!

100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Because I know you're going to love ICC Express 3.0 Groups Edition, I'm offering a 30 day risk-free guarantee. If you're absolutely sure that you aren't going to get any value from all the great, quality content you can create and post with ICC Express 3.0, simply contact me within 30 days of your purchase and I'll refund every penny.

Get Your Developer License for ICC Express 3.0 Groups Edition NOW

I urge you not to ignore this offer.
I know you don't want to continue...
... having writer's block, or wondering how you are going to attract more traffic and sales from fascinating eye candy or trending news
... paying for images and photos to post on your blog - or even worse, getting slapped with a copyright lawsuit (been there, done that)
... having to do everything manually - search for an image, make sure you have the rights to use it, then download it, then upload it - write something to go with it, rinse repeat for the SAME image on a different account... yada yada yada...
... not having all your trending news sources relevant to your niche in one place for easy content curation, resulting it a ton of work to collect links and snippets for sharing
... feeling disappointed about the inactivity in your social media accounts and the lack of traffic on your blogs
... feeling like you've hit a dead end when it comes to how you're going to make more sales online
Sounds depressing, doesn't it?
It would be if you couldn't do anything to change it.
Fortunately, you can.
By taking advantage of this special one time launch offer for ICC Express 3.0 Groups Edition, you can experience the difference between your websites and social media accounts being like a "Ghost Town" and a party of traffic, engagement, opt-ins and sales!
from a Ghost Town to Traffic City!
Get Instant Access
Try ICC Express 3.0 Groups Edition and discover the difference for yourself!
Hugh [CEO of Web Dimensions, Inc.]
Musician, Programmer, Internet Marketer and Inventor and Designer of ICC Express 3.0
PS. It's a simple fact that if you want more engagement, traffic and sales, you need to have engaging content and post regularly. ICC Express 3.0 Groups Edition is your "ace in the hole" to "get 'er done" & catapult your audience by 2x or 3x!
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